About Us

We have made TipRant a place that can become your personal soapbox.

A place where you can release all your frustrations, pain and discontent about a product place or service.

We are aiming to become a consumer champion. With your help, collective moaning can lead to real people power and getting things changed for the better.

Whether it’s the trains, the bus, a Snickers without nuts, the service in Nero’s or the quality of that designer-label handbag, it is your duty to publicly declare those company’s misdemeanours.

We at TipRant will then collectively take your informed complaints and your eloquent denunciations to the misbehaving company or brand’s doorstep, and say “OI, YOU, NO.”

Holding them accountable for the shocking service, shoddy products, or less-than-ideal behaviour is the only way we can make them change. Of course, because some companies aren’t completely inept we do encourage you to Tip as well (Check out Guidelines to Tipping)